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This sealer is provided to you, undiluted, to be typically installed by the flooring contractor a minimum of 2 to 12 hours prior to the installation of the finished flooring. It is important that the Sealer is dry to the touch with no transfer before beginning the flooring installation. Note: It is always best, when possible, to wait 12 hours prior to the installation of the finished flooring. In all cases, the floor covering system manufacturer’s recommendations supersede these recommendations. Any questions call the office: 978-462-1825.


Gypsum underlayment can remain unsealed, but the benefit of the sealer is to help protect the flooring adhesives from being absorbed into the gypsum underlayment. The sealer should only need to be applied when a glue-down/adhesive surface is being applied. Carpeted surfaces do not need a sealer application.

To apply the sealer, mix at a 4:1 ratio with water. One five-gallon bucket should cover anywhere from 5,500SF to 7,000SF depending how liberally it is applied.

Sealer is applied directly to the clean gypsum floor using a sprayer, roller, or broom onto the surface where adhesion will be used. In some cases, multiple coats of sealer may be necessary to effectively seal the underlayment surface. When multiple coats are applied, do not allow the initial coat to fully dry prior to application of a second coat. Once the first coat dries, a film will form on the surface that prevents additional coats from penetrating into the surface. Allow the sealer to fully dry prior to the installation of floor goods. Bond tests performed by the finished flooring contractor are recommended prior to proceeding with full installation of floor goods.



Sealer is provided to NESC in 55-gallon drums, and we provide 5-gallon, undiluted buckets to you. These should be kept from freezing and stored at room temperature prior to installation. Any unused non-toxic sealer can be discarded in conjunction with local agencies.


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