Safety & Quality

NESC Makes Safety a Priority

“Mission to Zero” Safety Initiative

To continually improve our safety performance across the entire company, with a specific focus on the goal of reducing the number of OSHA recordable incidents, we embarked on an initiative in 2011 titled, “Mission to Zero.” This initiative serves to tangibly and powerfully reinforce to our team that ALL safety incidents, whether perceived as major or minor in nature, significantly impact the company, not only financially but personally, as we all have a vested interest in safety as a key pillar of our firm’s reputation and responsibility to team and the traveling public.

Since Mission To Zero was first introduced, our safety performance has improved in many areas across the company, and every member of our team takes pride in doing their part to maintain a safe workplace.

Safety & Quality Training

Corporate Safety Manager Bill Timmons and his team consistently develop and administer a comprehensive training system and schedule for all NESC Employees, from the office to the field.

Some of these programs include:

  • Weekly Safety Briefings
  • On-site Safety Briefings
  • Tool-Box Talks

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