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The Stars, Stripes, and Signatures 2021 Event allows contractors such as yourself to hold a price from rising escalation costs of just one trade by locking in the price quoted. NESC has the experience and the ability to hold your price with our corporate buying power, as the nation’s fourth-largest installer of gypsum floors, to negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Let us help you budget your job, by taking one less headache away with the unpredictable nature of today’s construction materials.

All we need from you is a letter of intent or a contract by July 4, 2021 to secure your partnership. That’s it. Give us your best John Hancock (or Sam Adams, Eldbridge Gerry, Robert Paine, etc.) impersonation (well, actually your signature is technically required). Whether the quote was from 2018 to today, NESC wants to be your partner of choice when it comes to floor underlayments, sound attenuation mat, polished concrete, and truly level floors.

Even if the job we previously bid has been awarded, you might have some other needs that we could work on bidding. – Make sure you invite us at

Let’s schedule a time to talk about our quote and how we can save you time and money by partnering with NESC. Send an email to Tom Murphy – – for more details!



Terms and Conditions of the “Stars, Stripes and Signatures” 2021 Event:

This promotion ends on July 4, 2021.

The promotion includes holding firm any material costs for escalation at NESC, Inc.’s expense.

Deals involving unique products (rigid insulation, extra wood, metal lathe, etc) may be subject to additional inflation if it hasn’t been bid since May 2021.


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